Ms. Sophia Kouame in Earlsfield - Martial Arts and Yoga

Ms. Sophia Kouame

As a Yoga teacher and mum of three, I am passionate to reach out to all and I especially love working with children; they are fun, inspiring and our best teachers.

Introducing them to Yoga and Mindfulness at a young age, in a safe and inclusive environment, gives them an amazing toolkit to celebrate who they are, move their bodies, remain naturally fit, well and supple, connect to others and be in touch with their emotions. Beyond the class, this simple practice helps them deal with situations when they would feel challenged, now and later (exams, stress, anxiety, pressure, change...), whilst coming to treasure their relaxation time. Research supports that the experience of feeling calm and relaxed improves their mental wellbeing, it also optimizes their concentration, receptivity and learning in class.

Yoga helps to navigate through life’s challenges, feel healthier and also stronger in the body, mind, and emotions. My intention is to provide a fun class and by the same token feel like every session helps the children to learn to self-regulate and grow knowing they have it all: love and happiness reside within them.

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