Gaia Persico

Yoga Teacher, Martial Arts Instructor and Co-Director of MA&Y

Gaia Persico is passionate about sharing the beauty and benefits of Yoga, and how its philosophy helps in everyday life. She teaches Vinyasa, Pranayama and meditation. Her yoga classes are full of joy and energy, and through thoughtful modifications for each posture, they are geared for both beginner and advanced practitioners alike. Thus allowing each yogi and yogini to discover their own inner journey of development at their own pace.

Co-Director of MA&Y, a yoga and martial arts centre in South West London, she is a Yoga Alliance 500 hours certified yoga teacher and Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga teacher, who has been a practitioner for almost twenty years. She is the lead teacher and programme creator of an 18 months, 200 hours YAP certified yoga teacher training at MA&Y.

She completed a 300 hours Advanced Teacher Training with Jason Crandell in 2020 and a two-year 390 hours Teacher Training Course at Triyoga under the guidance of Jeff Phenix, Susannah Hoffman and Carlos Pomeda. She has also partaken in an advanced Vinyasa teacher training with Mimi Kuo Deemer and a meditation teacher training with Sally Kempton. Since then she has been attending asana, anatomy and philosophy workshops such as those lead by Jason Crandell, Bridget Woods-Kramer and Norman Blair. She is currently a teaching assistant for Mimi Kuo-Deemer and Jean Hall Daoist Flow Teacher Training at Triyoga.

Over the last couple of years, she has been studying Vijjñãna-bhairava-tantra and The Pratyabhijñã Hridaya with Dr Christopher Wallis, a Sanskrit and Saiva Tantra scholar who also teaches meditation. She has also embarked on a 4 years degree study with the latter, as she has found Tantrik philosophy to be particularly pertinent to 21stCentury life. She loves to share the benefit of its practices in class, incorporating meditation and yoga philosophy in addition to asana sequences.

2nd Dan Black Belt - Choi Kwang Do

Ms. Persico has been training in Choi Kwang Do since 2014 and from the very first class, she could feel its benefits physically, mentally and energetically.

She has been fortunate to meet with Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi on two separate occasions. Consequently, she had the chance to learn first hand from the founder about the scientific basis behind the martial art and its advancements rooted deeply in knowledge behind health, longevity and character development.

Since then she has become even more passionate to share and bring the art to all, thus she is always extremely enthusiastic and honoured to help students in their personal journey of discovery in Choi Kwang Do.



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