Pilates Classes in Earlsfield

Improve your mind-body connection whilst increasing your strength and focus in our Pilates classes at Martial Arts and Yoga. Our classes are based on the fundamental principles of Pilates with specific focus on alignment, breathing and core-centering. Practice classic Pilates exercises through dynamic sequences that work every part of the body, improving posture and balance, strengthening the core, toning and mobilising muscles and joints.

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What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a mat-based, scalable workout that adapts to your body and your needs. Through low-impact body-weight, breath-led exercises, pilates helps to strengthen and stretch your whole body, developing strong, lean muscles whilst improving your connection to yourself as a whole. We offer the best blend of traditional and contemporary pilates to men and women across Earlsfield, and our inclusive classes are suitable for all levels offering modifications to suit your body and experience.

Our pilates classes will give you:
  • The opportunity to meet your health and wellness goals
  • Lean muscle growth and a powerful core
  • Reduced stress and anxiety in everyday life
  • A supportive and uplifting community

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