How to join us:

Step 1

Go to ‘book in person’.

Sign up for a trial class in Yoga, Krav Maga, or Choi Kwang Do on a convenient date and time.

Please note that we are constantly adding new classes and trial opportunities.

If you do not find a suitable day / time, please make sure to keep checking the website.

Step 2

Come to meet us and practice together.

If you would like to join MA&Y, please let us know how many classes you would like to attend each week.

One class a week = £75.00 per month
Two classes a week = £105.00 per month

Members Extras

-       Priority and discounts on workshops / seminars

-       Unlimited access to live streaming (Yoga and Adult Choi) worth £49 

-       Family discounts on membership

-       Access to training space outside of class hours

Step 3

Sign up for your membership online via GoCardless and you will receive your private members’ link to access your chosen activity classes!

We are looking forward to you joining our membership.

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