Back to Wall with Linn H E Haraldsvik - Saturday 6th May 2023


Our incredible Krav Maga students were put to the test this weekend as we welcomed Expert Level 2 Krav Maga Instructor Linn H E Haraldsvik to our studio for her Back to Wall workshop. Focussing on self defence in confined spaces, this essential workshop taught us how to turn problems into opportunities and the environment to our advantage! Self defence is all about personal safety and quick thinking. Finding yourself in a self defence situation when cornered or pushed into a wall does not mean game over, and under Linn's expert guidance, we took our ability to deal with attacks of this nature to the next level.  The studio walls on the other hand may need some time to recover!

A huge well done to all our Krav Maga students for their dedication and enthusiasm. We can't wait to welcome Linn back for what is sure be another unmissable workshop!

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