Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Lon Gibbons began studying holistic massage twenty years ago and during that time she became an avid yoga student. Inspired by her two brilliant teachers, Liz Lark and Louise Reilly, she followed the path to teach yoga when she moved to New Zealand from 2000 to 2007. She trained with Shantimurti, Atma and Alinta at Ashram Yoga in Auckland and became qualified to teach beginners through to advanced, as well as pregnancy yoga and post natal/mum & baby yoga.
Returning to London in 2007, she discovered the role of the doula ‘mothering the mother’, which perfectly filled the gap between pregnancy yoga and mum & baby yoga. She has had the immense privilege of attending many births, thus she has seen first hand how vital the right kind of support is through pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of parenthood.

During her doula training, she was introduced to Arvigo Therapy and she became a certified practitioner of this work in 2011. She expanded her knowledge of visceral massage therapy in her training with Marty Ryan ‘Love your Guts’ and continues to be fascinated by the power of abdominal therapy. She has come to profoundly understand that how we move/do not move is our baseline to our physical and mental health. Since 2016 she has been delving more deeply into anatomy via biomechanics She continues to learn from biomechanics with Katy Bowman, the MUTU system and training as a Spiral Stabilization practitioner, which has peeled back yet another layer of the anatomical onion, applying modern scientific research to traditional yoga foundations.

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