To celebrate the opening of our brand new full time venue in Earlsfield, MA&Y is proud to offer monthly workshops and events.

These will be held in the evenings during the weekend and will cover a wide range of topics including movement based practices such as yoga asana, Krav Maga, martial arts, and self defence, as well as philosophy, meditation, gong baths, kirtan and exclusive talks with specialists in their field, to name just a few.

This page will be constantly updated, so make sure to check it regularly and sign up for our mailing list, or if you have a specific request, please feel free to get in touch!


Yoga & Stress Management with Chris Swain

Saturday 28th of January


£25 for Members and £35 for non Members

The stress response developed as a short term survival mechanism, not being intended to be maintained over a long period of time. However, modern lifestyle can trigger this response on a daily basis. In this workshop we shall develop an understanding of the physiological mechanisms of stress, how it is generated by perceived threats and explore how restorative yoga postures can help us move towards a state of relaxation instead.


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Intuitive Eating with Kacie Shoulders

Sunday 29th of January



£15 for Members and £25 for non Members

Are you bored of starting new diets and constantly ‘falling off the wagon’? Join us for an introduction to Intuitive Eating. This offers an opportunity to move away from diets, tuning into listening to your body when it comes to what you eat and how you move. We will discuss what constitutes Intuitive Eating, debunk some myths about the practice and suggest strategies to implement it into your life for a healthier relationship to food.

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Gong Bath with Charlie Merton

Sunday 12th of February


£25 for Members and £35 for non Members

Join us for an evening workshop honoring Imbolc, the quickening of Spring, through observing how we transition from the hibernation of winter into this season of rebirth and renewal. The yin practice will embody this transition from water to the wood element, through the energy of the kidney/bladder channel pairing and liver/gallbladder channels. The practice will generate appropriate energy to move any stagnancy and generate possibility. The one-hour Gong Bath will create a soundscape for the body to process deep release and transformation to invite a joyful wonderment of life.

Charlie Merton is an experienced qualified crystal and sound therapist and began teaching Yoga in 2011 following a decade of exploring the practice. Prior to beginning her path as a yoga teacher, Charlie trained as a musician and taught instrumentally for many years. A qualified Music Therapist with an MA in music therapy, she runs regular gong baths across London's top studios, as well as monthly workshops incorporating a combination of integral practices such as chanting, pranayama, asana, and sound baths. Charlie has received extensive training in Kirtan, Yoga Nidra, as well as Yin and Restorative Yoga under the guidance of Norman Blair, Judith Lasater, Sarah Powers, and Bernie Clark.

This workshop is suitable for anyone; please come wearing comfortable clothing and bring eye shades, so that you can deeply relax into the practice.

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