Kids Martial Arts near 305 GARRATT LANE, EARLSFIELD

My husband and I found our yoga lessons with Martial Arts and Yoga to be excellent and inspiring. The teachers cover a number of different postures, keeping it fun and interesting. Unlike other classes we have been to, the teachers have a real ability to teach. The lessons are interactive and personalised. Whilst the lessons are physically challenging, the teachers encourage us to develop a greater awareness of our bodies and develop a new understanding of the relationship between the mind and body rather than pure attainment of fitness. We would recommend the lessons with Gaia to anyone and everyone!

Dr. Monal W.

I started doing Choi Kwang Do purely for health and fitness. It has however affected my whole outlook and approach to life. The principles learned in class naturally spills over to the rest of your life. And believe me, I am still getting the exercise I initially joined for. It is also a brilliant stress-reliever!
Starting a martial art at the age of 35 felt very daunting, Mr Johnson and his fellow instructors however made me feel at ease from the very start and were there to support me every step of the way. The respect with which instructors and students are encouraged to treat each other nurtures good relationships in the school, which makes class the highlight of my day. 

If you try it, you'll never look back.

Twanette Keyser

Kids Martial Arts near 305 GARRATT LANE, EARLSFIELD

"We are recommending Martial Arts and Yoga as we are delighted with what you offer and think it is a truly exceptional company to be part of." 

Katharine O.

A friendly place that combines fitness, self defence and lots of fun. Supportive instructors that is suitable for all ages and levels. A great place to go for beginners!

Don L.

High quality tuition, with excellent instructors. Highly recommended.

Steve N.

Real life self defence techniques in fun and exciting classes! Highly recommended!

Gaia P.

I started training Choi Kwang Do year and a half ago and that was one of the best decisions in my life! Right now I can not imagine a week without a CKD classes ;) Mr Johnson is one of my first Instructors and definitely my role model! He is wonderful, caring, and talented person. An example of true martial artist. If you are looking for a place where you can forget about all your worries, where you can improve your physical condition and in the same time have a great fun... MA&Y is the best place for you :)

Mecik M.

Kids Martial Arts near 305 GARRATT LANE, EARLSFIELD

Thank you for introducing me to Yoga, I’ve really enjoyed it

Andrew B.

Great environment for learning new skills and discipline. Instructors are patient and knowledgable !

Max W.

Kids Martial Arts near 305 GARRATT LANE, EARLSFIELD

The variety within the classes give us a work-out of the body and mind. a nice mix of of all ages and abilities ensure that a friendly environment is conducive to just doing your best. essentially physical exercises with regular short trips into other aspects of yoga, breathing, vibrations and occasional writings make for (me at least, and i'm sure others) interesting and enjoyable evenings.

Glen Cain

I have been training with CKD@MA&Y for about 15 months. Mr Johnson and all of the instructors I have worked with have been supportive, encouraging and motivating - they are genuinely caring and kind people, who look out for every student. Although I have had quite a difficult year, CKD has provided a regular break from the day to day stresses of life, and a great place to focus on my wellbeing. I have seen a great increase in my personal fitness levels, have lost weight, and generally have much more energy. Weeks without CKD are certainly worse for it! I would highly recommend this martial art.

Rachel Forshaw

I like the fact that I received a personal call from the Instructor, receiving information about the introductory class in text messages, the class itself was immediately interesting and fun, the welcome pack and the uniform. Everybody was very polite and welcoming.

Paul H.

MA&Y Is such a lovely space, with truly dedicated students and LOVE-ly teachers! Honoured to get to cover another class tonight. If you live around SW go and practice with them!!!!

Sonia G.

Kids Martial Arts near 305 GARRATT LANE, EARLSFIELD

I would just like to say "Thank You" for last night’s one to one.

I learnt ever such a lot, you are a great teacher.

Lisa M.

Thank you to all who made yesterday (Summer Solstice Event) possible.  It was nice to get to know everyone a little better.  Looking forward to our next class.

Caroline S.

Enjoyed this (Summer Solstice Event) very much, and we all completed it. The company and food is 1st class.

Wei Lian

Kids Martial Arts near 305 GARRATT LANE, EARLSFIELD

Thank you for such a great class last night, it has had such a marked affect on myself and Halle’s confidence and given me serenity.

Wayne L

I had the pleasure of Mr. Johnson's entire tuition period as a Head Instructor. During that time I found that Mr. Johnson was an excellent instructor. He brings enthusiasm, patience and understanding to all his classes.

Rob J.

I had never done martial arts before but Jools helped me understand all of the techniques and had the patience when I forgot which was my right and left stance!!! An excellent teacher, the academy is welcoming to all levels of ability from beginner to expert. Pilsung.

Michael R.

“Alastair and I really enjoyed the grading on Saturday and I am really pleased he is making such good progress. I am impressed with the very supportive environment you have created at the school as well - it was lovely to have all of the older students there and to see them applauding and helping the little ones out. I realize that's part of what Choi Kwang Do is all about but it was great to witness it in practice”.

Helen S.

y wife insisted that I join Choi Kwan Do after telling me that not only were Mr Johnson and Mrs Persico (her Yoga teacher) great instructors, but also friendly and welcoming people. I had always struggled to find a fitness activity that I could enjoy, but after joining this class I can’t get enough.  The lessons are well structured and friendly and no matter what level you are at, complete beginner or advanced, you are always taken good care off and helped throughout to make sure that you achieve your goals. I would recommend Mr Johnson’s class to anyone, young or old, as you will learn self-defence, but much more than that, you will learn respect and humility, key skills for life. but I am glad to have listened to my wife

Jorge Echeverri Ramirez

Kids Martial Arts near 305 GARRATT LANE, EARLSFIELD

Thank you very much, what a great care of new student, wonderful! Have a lovely day and see you this evening.

Zofia T.

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